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If you receive an email informing you that your Gumtree subscription payment has gone through, this isn't from us. Kindly ignore it and don't click the link! Click here for more info on phishing attempts.

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Where has my ad gone?

Where has my ad gone?

Are you sure it hasn’t just expired? Most ads have 30 days on site. Look for it in your inactive ads just in case.
If not, then it’s us. We’ve either deleted your ad because there was a lot to change and it’s easier for you to create a new one, or we’ve put it in an edit state. If it’s in edit, you’ll need to tweak it a little and re-post it from your ‘Manage my Ads’.
Another reason could be that we've blocked your account from being able to post on the site. This could have happened because you broke our rules and we made a decision to restrict your access, or your account was hacked.

We always send an email if there was something wrong with your ad.

What do I do if I've been hacked?

Contact us. We'll need you to change your password and confirm to us that you've done so. Once we're sure that you're the rightful owner of your account and the password is changed, we'll send in a request to reset your account status. Here's a page to help you identify how you were hacked, and tips to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Top reason we delete
  • Your ad was in the wrong category
  • You’ve posted more than one of the same ad
  • You’ve broken one of our main rules
What now? You need to post a new ad and make sure you change what needs changing.
Making an ‘edit’ ad live
If you find we’ve put your ad into an edit state:
  • there’s some info or details in the wrong place
  • you need more appropriate photos
  • you’ve broken smaller Gumtree rules. 

And now? We’ve left your ad in an edit state. You can find it in the ‘Manage my Ads’ tab. Just change what needs changing and re-post it.

If it’s still a mystery, let us know. We can check what’s happening for you.


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