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Vehicle History Check in Motors

Vehicle History Check in Motors

When you’re browsing in Motors, you’ll notice we ask the sellers to put as much information about the car as possible. We’re now adding a Vehicle History Check to reduce the chance of you finding a car that’s not road-worthy.
This check is provided for free, and cars that don’t pass this check won’t be listed on the site.

What we’ll check: 
  1. If the car is listed as ‘stolen’ on the Police National Computer.
  2. If the DVLA has recorded the vehicle as scrapped.
  3. If an insurer has written off the car because it’s either very damaged or stolen.
  4. If the DVLA has recorded the car as exported or imported.
What we don’t check:
  1. Any mileage discrepancy on the car
  2. Outstanding money owed, relating to the vehicle
Quick Tip: The check is performed when posting the ad on the site. Make sure you check in case anything has changed in the time between the car being posted and when you view/purchase the car.
We suggest you use your judgment and ask the seller as many questions as you need when buying any car, be it online or not. This should help you with making a decision though.

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