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Rules for selling tickets

Rules for selling tickets

If you’re posting ticket ads on the site you need to know about these rules. Re-selling tickets can sometimes be tricky, so read about it to make sure you’re not breaking the law.
-  You need to have the tickets in hand to re-sell. If you’ve pre-booked them but they haven’t arrived yet, please wait for them to get to you.
-  Always list the ticket’s face value. If you got the tickets for free, list this as well.
-  List the section, row or seat number the tickets is for. This saves you time when answering questions.
-  If there are age restrictions or something similar, let people know. An adult won’t be able to use a student’s ticket.
-  There is no section for ticket wanted ads because they’re not allowed on the site.
-  There are some tickets we don’t allow to be sold or bought on the site, like football tickets, Glastonbury, the NYE London Show and the Commonwealth Games.
What else isn’t allowed?
We don’t allow the sale of votes, parking permits and lottery tickets. Train and coach tickets are also not allowed.
If you’re selling tickets make sure you have actual tickets, not e-tickets. These are not allowed on the site.

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