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Safety Alert !

If you receive an email informing you that your Gumtree subscription payment has gone through, this isn't from us. Kindly ignore it and don't click the link! Click here for more info on phishing attempts.

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Check out this page for valuable information and tips to buy and sell a car!

Selling safely

It’s possible to be scammed when you’re selling. Rare but possible.
Here are some tips to keep you safe and in pocket.
Meet the buyer in person. Things usually go smoother if they check the item before handing over their money.
Check bank notes before you accept them. Make sure they're real.
Confirm you’ve received payment if you’re posting the item and getting paid online. An honest buyer should want to use a secure method of payment, so you’ll have ways to do this.
-  Some 'buyers' will pretend to have over-paid you. Be aware of this trick. If you're asking for £100 (for example), they'll pretend to have sent you £140 by mistake and ask you to refund the difference. In reality they wouldn't have sent any money at all, and will have robbed you of £40. Read more about Fake Payments here.

Message through Gumtree. Alarm bells should ring if you get a strange message or request from someone away from the site.
Don’t show ticket barcodes. If you’re planning to sell tickets online, cover any barcodes. Otherwise someone might copy and use them. Especially e-tickets.

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