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Selling a service

Although this sector isn’t too prone to scams, it’s still good to keep an eye out for things that could go wrong when you’re he one providing someone a service. Here are a couple of tips you may find useful:
-  Make sure the person wanting the service explains what they need from you clearly. Miscommunication can lead to a lot of trouble afterword, so it’s always best to put all the cards on the table from the start.
-  Agree on a price. Most people are after a good service but want what’s affordable. If during the works there are some factors that increase the cost, make sure to make this clear before moving forward.
-  If you’re offering an online service, try to be as accessible as possible and answer questions in good time. People who don’t get an answer when they’ve never met you are more likely to become suspicious quickly. If you’re geographically close to the buyer, try to meet them. It makes them feel safer and they are likely to trust you more.
-  If you’re registered as a business make sure to let the buyer know. Again, this will make them feel a lot safer.

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