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Selling motors

Selling a vehicle can be a big step because it involves a lot of money. Here are some quick, simple tips that can help you sell successfully, but safely.
-  Always meet during the day, in a public place. If possible, take a friend with you.
-  If you can’t take someone with you, keep your phone on you, and let someone know where you’ll be.
-  The buyer will most likely want to take the car for a test drive. Go with them (this is where a friend would come in handy). Be sure to only hand over the keys once you're safely inside the car with the buyer.
-  If the buyer wants the car, agree terms of payment and transfer of documents before giving the buyer the car.
-  Be careful is someone messages you to buy the vehicle from abroad. There are greater risks when dealing with people you don’t meet in person. So try to avoid it.

We've compiled lots of information into one cool page if you're trying to buy or sell a car. There's some really good tips and tools you can use to make the best out of your experience, whether you're advertising or browsing!

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