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What are email alerts for?

What are email alerts for?

You get email alerts if you ask us to send you a notification when someone posts something that might interest you.
How do I set a search alert?
Run a search on the site and click on ‘Go’ to get results. When you get to the listings page, you’ll see a button on the right which says ‘Set search alert’.
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You’ll then get a pop-up box that says your alert is set and where you can find it. It also lets you switch the daily email alerts on or off. If you want to get updates when someone posts an ad that fits your search, leave this on.
The search you saved will then go to your ‘Manage my ads’ page under ‘My Alerts’. You’ll be able to switch the alerts on and off from here. If you have more than one saved search, you can choose which ones you want on or off. You can al2so delete the search completely.

Once you've set a search, apart from getting regular email updates from us about ads that fit your set search, you can also view these specific ads on your homepage. Go to the Gumtree Homepage and click on 'My Alerts'. You can find this under the main Gumtree banner.
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Can I save ads as well?
Of course. If there’s an ad you like but want to save it for later, click on the ‘Favourite’ button on the right hand side of the page. You’ll see the star on the button change colour. To go back to it later, visit your ‘Manage my ads’ page and click on ‘Favourites’.
To remove ads you’ve saved in your favourites, you have to click on the star on the ad.

Quick tip: Ads you saved are sometimes deleted by the seller. The ad will still be in your favourites, but it will be marked as deleted.

Good to know: You can view ads you've marked as favourite, and ads from the search you saved on the homepage. Gumtree will show you ads that are 'Recommended', but you can click on 'Favourties' or 'Saved Searches' to view ads that suit you better.


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