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Rehoming a pet

Getting a pet is a life-long commitment, so make sure you are prepared for years of attention, love and care.
The number 1 tip we can give you is to always meet face to face, both to see the pet before you adopt, and to make sure it exists. A genuine person will allow you to see the pet and will be keen to meet you, to see who will be adopting their pet. Be cautious if the seller doesn't express any interest in you or the new home.
Advice for someone rehoming their pet
- Visit any potential home and screen them to make sure the environment is suitable.
- Make sure the place is suitable for the type of animal you’re rehoming.
- If the buyer won’t let you visit, think twice about giving them your pet.
- We don’t recommend giving your pet away for free.
- Also, neuter your pet before you rehome. You don’t want them to be used for financial gain.
- We also recommend asking for valid IDs and keep their contact details for your personal records.
Advice for someone taking on a new pet
- Look for animals in an area close to you. So you can visit before you buy or adopt, especially if they’re still young.
- It’s important to visit the pet in their home and to see where they’re being kept. This way you can also compare environments.
- Ask about the animal’s health and to see past veterinary records.
- If the animal is young, ask to see the mother. This always helps.
- If you can’t find the animal you want on Gumtree, check an animal rescue centre.
It is worth keeping in mind that all dogs need to be micro-chipped, and this is now the law. Make sure you're aware of all the regulations around this, and if you're homing a dog that's already been chipped, check what process you and the previous owner need to go through to change the name on the chip registration.

We suggest you take a look at our posting rules for the Pets category. We are strict in this category, because we’re dealing with live animals, so make sure you’re aware.

Also take a look at some specific advice we offer if you’re re-homing an animal. We've gathered loads of useful information in one place. We hope you find it useful, especially if you're looking to re-home for the first time!

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