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If you receive an email informing you that your Gumtree subscription payment has gone through, this isn't from us. Kindly ignore it and don't click the link! Click here for more info on phishing attempts.

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Do I get a refund?

Do I get a refund?

Possibly. We’ll try our best. But it depends on the situation.
When we can’t refund you
  • If we send you emails saying you’ve broken our rules, and you keep breaking them
  • If it’s an ad for massages
  • If you post your ad in the wrong category on purpose
  • If you keep posting more than one ad for the same item (no duplicates!)
  • If you delete an ad you paid for or had features on it
  • If you pay for your ad and it goes live then change your mind about it
  • If you pay for a feature then decide you wanted another feature instead
  • Bump Ups - these are used as soon as they're bought, so the service is provided
  • If an item is on our 'Items not Allowed' list
Important info: There are more situations where we can’t refund you than the list above. If we feel you’ve breached any of our terms and conditions, we have the right to take your ad down without a refund.
Ads in edit status
If we’ve asked you to edit your ad (your ad will state 'Needs edit' under your active ads), you can re-post it after you make the changes we emailed you about.

We won't need to refund you because the ad has been paused, and will resume the ad duration once you re-post it. If you featured the ad, you won't lose any time off this either - it's paused as well. In short, the advert will resume exactly the way it was when we took it off the site. 

What about VAT?
When you pay, we’ll send a VAT receipt to your personal email address. If you can’t find it, check your junk folder. If there’s still no sign of it, get in touch and we’ll resend it.

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