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Rules in Pets

Rules in Pets

Apart from the usual rules we have on the site, there are quite a few more that are designed for the Pets category. It’s a category dedicated to rehoming pets, so commercial ads (even if involving animals) aren’t allowed. Go through these posting rules to avoid us having to remove the ad because of changes we’d need you to make.
Quick tip: We don’t allow ‘wanted’ ads in Pets. There are loads to choose from on the site and in sanctuaries across the country.
We work closely with animal welfare organisations who are members of PAAG. We will delete any ads we believe are encouraging or indicate signs of animal cruelty. We may also refer them for investigation.
The big rules
-  Post photos of the actual animal instead of a picture you find online.
- The animal needs to be at least 8 weeks old before leaving the mother. We also require an animal to be six months old to have a passport.

- We don't allow more than 2 litters a year to be sold on the site.
-  Please don’t mention breeding, sell animals for breeding or offer an animal for stud. Breeding pairs aren't allowed. If you’re selling breeding equipment, it needs to be sold separately.
-  We don’t allow puppy farmers, and any we find will be reported to RSPCA and Trading Standards.
-  We don’t allow dogs with docked tails and cropped/clipped ears. Birds with clipped wings aren’t allowed either.
-  Animals advertised as good for work, or with reference to working parents aren’t allowed. Even if it’s a guard dog or a racing pigeon.
Pregnant animals aren’t allowed.
-  We don’t allow ads selling animals for food.
-  Don’t ship animals or swap them for other animals, services or items.
-  Don’t sell or give away your pet to anyone under the age of 18.
-  No ads promoting fighting. And no ads selling or trading animals for fighting.
-  We don’t allow any reference to animals being sold as Christmas or Easter gifts.
-  If you’re an Animal Charity, you need a Business Account (it’s free) to post in Pets.
Are there any animals that aren’t allowed?
Yes, there are animals we don’t allow to be sold on the site, because they need specialist care and could risk going to someone who isn’t experienced enough to handle them.
All banned breeds found on the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, Pit Bull terriers, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro. Any other dogs that are known ‘of type’ may also not be allowed.
Wild, Hybrid, Munchkins, Chausie, Bobtail, Pixie Bobs, Savannah and Sand Cats, Scottish Fold, Manx and Sphynx.
Chipmunks, Squirrels, Skinny Pigs, Raccoons, South American Coati and all Hedgehogs.
Apple snails, Worms, Axolotls, Bats, Rhinoceros Iguana. Also North American Bullfrogs, and Boa Constrictors. Chameleons aren't allowed either. All and any breeds of Turtles, Tortoise & Terrapins are not allowed on the site.
All Parrots including Senegal Parrots & African Greys. Cockatoos, all Macaws, Amazons and Grass Parakeets. Ducks, Conures, Lories and Lorikeets, Rosellas, Lovebirds, Ring-necked parakeets are also not allowed. Owls, Hawks (& similar birds of prey), Pheasants, Ostriches, Also Peacocks/Peahens, Emus, and Rheas.
Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Monkeys, Meerkats, Wolves (incl. wolf hybrids), Foxes and Skunks.
We believe that although these make amazing pets, the person handling them needs to have a fair amount of knowhow on how to take care of them:

Scorpions, Toads, Frogs, Newts & Spiders.
By law, we also don’t allow the sale of animals mentioned in…
Protected Species and Endangered Species. Animals that require a license to own under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act and other animals banned for sale by UK Legislation.

Some more advice

It is worth keeping in mind that all dogs need to be micro-chipped, and this is now the law. Make sure you're aware of all the regulations around this, and if you're homing a dog that's already been chipped, check what process you and the previous owner need to go through to change the name on the chip registration.

Have a quick look through the category and it’s subcategories to check if there’s a good place to post your ad, especially if you’re trying to re-home an exotic animal. Also take a look at some specific advice we offer if you’re re-homing an animal. We've gathered loads of useful information in one place. We hope you find it useful, especially if you're looking to re-home for the first time!


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