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Rules in Motors

Rules in Motors

Apart from the usual rules we have on the site, there are quite a few more that are designed for the Motors category. There are a mix of free and paid sub-categories in Motors, and because of this we have a set of rules in place to make the buying and selling experience a pleasant one for both dealers and private sellers.
-  If you’re a dealer, choose ‘Trader’ when you’re asked to select the ‘Seller Type’ while posting an ad. As a trader, you can post in this category, but need to show people you’re a dealer. Remember it’s against the law to pretend to be a private seller when you’re not.
-  If the car you’re selling isn’t drivable, you need to post it in Car Parts & Accessories. If the car needs minor repairs to be good to drive again, post it under Cars.
-  You can use the Vehicle Registration Number when posting an ad to let the system gather info about your car. Saves you having to type everything in. If you choose to use the VRN, don’t worry, it won’t be visible on your ad.
-  Don’t redirect people onto other websites. Put all the info you need into the ad instead.
-  If you’re posting a caravan, but it’s for hire not for sale, you need to post your ad in Property > Holiday Rentals.
-  If you’re a private seller, you can post one free car ad at a time. If you remove the ad or it expires and you post another car ad, it will be free as well. But if you post a car ad while another car ad is live, you’ll have to pay for the second one.
-  Make sure the price you put on the ad is the actual price you want for the car. It’ll be a waste of time for you and buyers if you advertise with the wrong price.
-  If you’re dealing in car finance, you need to post as a 'Trader'. You'll get the option to do this when you post an advert in the Motors category.
-  Remember that vehicle tax is no longer transferred with the vehicle, so make sure you don’t put misleading info on your ad.
-  The browser extension ‘Freethetree’ is not allowed by and we have no association with the tool providers.

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