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Rules in For Sale

Rules in For Sale

Apart from the usual rules we have on the site, there are quite a few more that are designed for the For Sale category. Since this section is dedicated to private sales, we monitor it for retailers and ads that break our policy rules. Because this section is so vast, we highly recommend you read through these rules and the site rules carefully before posting.
Tip: In the For Sale category, you’ll find three sections some people tend to miss. These are ‘Freebies’ for advertising items you want to give away for free, ‘Swap Shop’ where you can trade an item for another, and ‘Stuff Wanted’ where you can post ads if you’re looking for a specific item. These sections are for those specific uses only, so don’t post ‘for sale’ ads in there.
-  Let’s start with what isn’t allowed to be sold or bought on the site. Go through the list of items we don’t allow to get a better understanding.
-  Gumtree is not a bidding website, so we need your ad to show the actual price. Asking for people to bid isn’t allowed.
-  No sale of fake items like phones, copied games or software. With this in mind, ‘R4’ cards aren’t allowed, even if sold with a console. Hacked/flashed consoles and phones are also not allowed.
-  If you’re selling pets or pet accessories, your ads should go into the Pets category.
-  There are specific laws which apply to the re-sale of tickets. Check out this page which explains what we do or don’t allow on the site when it comes to selling tickets.

-  Be aware that although we allow the sale of ID card printers and their ribbons, anyone who sells card printers and ribbons will be held legally liable if the person they sell them to uses them illegally. This is listed in the 'Specialist Printing Equipment and Materials (Offences) Act'.
-  The sale of food is heavily regulated. Familiarise yourself with the FSA’s laws and guidelines before you post. Keep in mind though that we don’t allow the sale of animals for food.
-  Any ads offering a service need to be posted in the Services category. The only exception we make is for retailers posting their stock if it’s furniture (like beds and sofas). You need to post ads for each item individually, and include certain information about your business. You can read more about it here.
-  Products that have been recalled by the manufacturer aren’t allowed if the sale of that item becomes prohibited by law or regulation. If you’re in doubt, check the manufacturer’s website or RAPEX Recall Information. You can find recall information on UK domestic appliances on the Register my Appliance portal. We recommend (as a seller), you ask the buyer to register their gas/electrical appliance with the manufacturer here, so they’ll be informed of any important safety updates.
-  If you’re selling a fruit/gaming machine, keep in mind that you require a license for it, even if it’s for private use and the payout mechanism is disabled. You can apply for this license by contacting the Gambling Commission. We only allow the sale of these machines on the site if you’re able to quote the license number in the ad. There are laws around this, so please make sure you are in line with them.
There are loads of ads posted in the For Sale category, and the subcategories should cover anything you’d want to advertise. If there isn’t a subcategory that fits your needs, let us know!

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