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Buying pets safely

Although buying pets is usually straightforward because you pick up the pet in person, there can still be cases where people will try to scam you. It’s good to be aware of this, so here are some tips about what you should look out for.

The number 1 tip we can give you is to always meet face to face, both to see the pet before you adopt, and to make sure it exists. A genuine person will allow you to see the pet and will be keen to meet you, to see who will be adopting their pet. Be cautious if the seller doesn't express any interest in you or the new home.
-  Watch out for people selling popular breeds for cheap prices. You won’t find a cheap purebred British Bulldog unless something fishy is going on.
-  If the advertiser is giving away an animal for free or for adoption, make sure to visit to make sure it’s legit. People who have posted free purebred animals in other categories on the site (not in Pets) and that are asking for money to send you the animal by courier are usually people who are trying to scam you. Remember that shipping pets isn’t allowed on the site, and it’s always best to visit the animal before rehoming.
-  When you ask to see the animal, some people will make up excuses to avoid meeting in person. If you can’t view the pet, don’t do it.
Don’t pay a deposit unless you’ve met up with the owner in person and saw the animal. Even if the seller tells you that there are more people that are interested and you need to pay to book. Don’t do it unless you’re 100% comfortable.
-  Avoid buying from people who don’t post real photos of their pets. You can check if the photo is copied from the internet by dragging it onto the Google search bar. You’ll get image results of websites that have the same photo on them if it’s copied.
We’re very strict in pets, so if you see any ads that you’re suspicious about, let us know. You can report dodgy ads to us by using the report button on the ad itself.

If you go to someone's place to view the pet, and you feel the condition they're kept in is suspicious, or notice that the seller is deliberately trying to hide where the animals are kept, be cautious. If there are lots of animals and they're kept in bad conditions, report the seller, because you might have found a puppy mill.

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