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How do locations work?

How do locations work?

Is the location I use to post important?
Definitely. It’s very important to trade locally, so being available to people close to home is vital. It’s also great for a buyer to be able to meet you in person and look at the item before you sell it.
Tip: When posting an ad, choose the right location. You won’t be able to make changes to it once the ad is live on the site. If you post an ad and you choose the wrong location, you’ll have to delete it and post a new one.
Should I use my post code or choose my location manually?
Both are fine, but the post code is easier. Choosing your location manually won’t be as accurate as when you use your post code. It gives people a general idea of the location, but nothing specific. Not to mention it’s quicker to use the post code.
Plus! You get a map when you use your post code. When you’re posting an ad and get to the part where you choose your location, use your post code. On the next page you’ll get a tick box saying ‘Show a map on my ad’. If you tick this, people will be able to see a map to your location on your ad, which is quite cool!
Can I post in more than one location?
No, because it would mean you’re posting more than one of the same ad, which is against our posting rules.
If you’re offering a service and need to post in more than one location, list the areas your service covers in the ad description instead. Is a person searches using the service and the location in their search bar, you ad will still come up.
If you’re close to a county border, you’ll need to choose which location to post in. Or use your post code – much simpler.
And how does radial search work?
Radial Search allows you to broaden your search. If you are looking for an item in your location, but can’t find one you like, you can choose how far away from your location you’d be willing to travel. You’ll find this option after you run a search from the homepage. It will be on the left hand side of the results page, where all the ads are in the listing. If you are willing to travel 5 miles away from your location to view a car for example, why not broaden your search to get more results.
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I want to sell or rent a property abroad. What do I do?
If you are, you will have noticed that we only offer UK locations. That’s because we are a local classifieds site and offer our service only to the UK. If you have a home abroad that you want to rent out or sell, or need a service provided abroad, make it very clear in the ad that the property or work is based in another country. But when posting an ad, choose your location in the UK, or if you’re not based in the UK, choose a random location to post. You can do this by choosing the location manually instead of using a post code.

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