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Rules in Jobs

Rules in Jobs

Apart from the usual rules we have on the site, there’s a couple more that are designed for the Jobs category. Keep in mind that this category is meant to help people looking for a job to find job opportunities in one place. So mainly, it’s a category where employers can post their vacancies.
There are jobs we don’t allow to be advertised on the site
  1. Pyramid selling schemes (unless you have a verified Business Account)
  2. Escort and Adult Industry work
  3. Glamour or webcam models
  4. Medical trials
  5. Some ‘work from home’ jobs may be removed
If you’re looking for a job and want to post an ad instead of applying to jobs, you can post in Jobs > Work Wanted. But we suggest you take a look at some vacancies there are available, and send your CV. It’s much faster, and most employers will answer to requests they get rather than go out looking for applicants themselves.

-  Go through the sections in Jobs and look for the section that most suits your needs. There are loads of subcategories to choose from – the more specific you are, the better chance you’ll have of getting the response you want.
-  If you’re a recruitment agency, please mention this in your ad.
-  Make sure you don’t discriminate in your ad. It’s easy to slip sometimes, so keep these tips in mind to make your ad experience easier.
-  Post one ad per vacancy. If you’re wanting to post in different locations, you can do so, but only in neighboring locations. The post has to be close by, or not too far from where an applicant is looking at. So try to be specific and keep it close to home.
-  If you’re offering a service (like plumbing work for example), you’ll need to post your ad in Services, not Jobs.
-  Ads asking for models need to be very specific. We don’t allow generic ads asking for models without explaining what the job is. Only registered businesses are allowed to place model recruitment ads. The account posting these ads also needs to have a professional email and landline number.
-  We don’t allow ads asking for money to run checks on people or asking for stamped addresses envelopes to send a person more info about the job.
-  For some job ads, you’ll need to sign up for a Business Account with us. This applies to big companies like Avon and Herbalife.
-  Don’t post link to other recruitment websites. If you want to post a link to your company, please use the URL feature instead of putting it in your description.
Have a quick look through the category and it’s subcategories to check if there’s a good place to post your ad. If you can’t find one, look for similar ads on the site and check where they were posted. You can also get in touch with us if you feel there isn’t a category that suits you.

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