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Finding a job safely

Whether you are hoping to earn some cash with a new part time role, or looking to forge a new career, finding a job can be stressful at the best of times.

At Gumtree, we really want to help you find that great new job, so we have put together some advice to help you find work safely:

Do your Research!
Always research the business whose vacancy you are applying for! Whether you are looking for nanny work, or for a role at an internationally recognised company, you should always do some background work. This will not only help prepare you for interview, but ensure that the employer is reputable and that the role does exist.

Ask Questions
Ask lots of questions about the role you are applying for, especially if you get to meet any current employees. If a potential employer is vague about the details of the position, you should proceed with caution.

Be Careful of Malware!
A technique employed by fraudsters is to infect your computer with malicious software known as malware. This software can harvest sensitive data from your computer, or infect it with a virus. A fraudster may try to infect your computer by asking you to download an application pack or other 'documents' in relation to the job you have applied for. The best ways to remain safe from this type of activity are to ensure your antivirus software is up to date, and to not download any files from unknown sources. For more information on the risk of malware, please see Get Safe Online advice here.

Sending Sensitive Data
Never provide your bank account details or personal ID such as a passport or driving licence when applying for a job. This should only happen once you’ve accepted an offer and started with the company, or when you’ve met your employer in person and verified their identity through independent resources.
CRB, Background Checks & Other Payments
Never send money to a company before you are 100% sure that the role is legitimate and/or you have signed paperwork. A common sign of suspect behaviour is for an employer to ask for you to pay for a CRB check or uniform. You should also never send money through a money transfer service, such as UKash or Western Union.

Overpayment & Money Laundering Scams
You should always be very wary to any job that involves the handling of money. Some of the most common job related scams involve being asked to transfer money between your own and a third party bank account, or being sent funds and being asked to then transfer a sum of money back.

Premium Rate Phone Numbers
Some employers may ask you to phone a number for a telephone interview. Be very cautious proceeding in this situation, as these numbers can be charged at a Premium Rate. Premium Rate phone numbers can contain a prefix such a 070 or 090. If you are advised to phone a company, we recommend that you ask for a business landline, or ask the company to contact you!

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