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What can’t I buy or sell on Gumtree?

What can’t I buy or sell on Gumtree?

Anything illegal or unsafe. Or something our Gumtree community has asked us not to list. If we feel you’ve put up a banned item, we’ll ask you to take it down, or take it down ourselves.
Here’s some guidance on what you’re not allowed to sell (in alphabetical order):
  • Adult entertainment, like blue movies
  • Enhancing drugs
  • Sex toys
Animal parts
Definitely no animal parts, including parts of protected species. Though taxidermy is fine unless it’s a protected animal.
Animal Trapping Devices
With the exception of fish traps and pony traps (carts)

Banned animals
Here’s a full list of animals we don’t allow.
Bednest Cribs
Unless they were manufactured after November 2015, due to safety risk concerns

Bongs and water pipes
Why? Because the MHRA says it’s prescription-only medicine.
Capital bonds

Cigarettes and related products
  • Cigarettes, cigars and loose tobacco
  • Electronic cigarettes are allowed, but the liquids used to refill them aren't
Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Illegal drugs
  • Prescription drugs, including ones you can buy over the counter
  • Contact lenses because they require prescriptions
  • Anything where the sole use is to help someone take drugs
  • Legal highs
Fake, replica or trademark items
  • Nothing fake, copied or unauthorised
  • Something with a company name/logo but wasn’t made or endorsed by them
Copies could be pirated, duplicated, backed-up, bootlegged or something else.
Firearms and ammunition (even if they’re legal to buy)
  • Guns, including air guns, replica guns, paintball guns and silencers
  • Ammunition, including ammo for paintball
  • Hunting equipment
Paintball paraphernalia (goggles, gloves) is allowed
Fireworks of any kind
Football tickets
  • It’s actually illegal to resell tickets to professional matches in England and Wales, and matches involving the England or Wales national teams
  • No tickets for FIFA, Scottish, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland matches
Get in touch with the FA or your club to find out how to exchange tickets.
Gas Meter Seals

Hate organisations of any kind

Human parts, remains or services
  • Organs
  • Blood, bone and waste
  • Sperm and eggs
  • Donor, surrogacy and fertility services
  • Used pregnancy tests
Lottery tickets
Nazi memorabilia
  • SS uniforms
  • Portraits of Hitler
  • Anything showing the Nazi swastika
  • Nazi propaganda
Parking permits
If you’d like to give your pass to someone else, get in touch with your council.
Personal information or mailing lists
  • You’re not allowed to sell bulk emails, Internet Protocol (IP), instant messenger (IM), or mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers or other personal info
  • No tools or software designed to send spam either
Red diesel
Security tag removal items
Stolen goods
You’re not allowed to sell blocked phones or no-signal phones either. We’ll help the police convict anyone who deals in stolen goods.
Did you know it’s illegal to sell supplements that contain DMAA?
Train, coach and bus tickets
  • It’s illegal to resell rail tickets in the UK (including Eurostar Tickets and local travel cards), unless you’re an official distributor
  • No coach or bus tickets either, please
Get in touch with the coach or rail company to find out how to exchange tickets.
Unlocked hardware
  • Games consoles
  • Copied games, DVDs and computer software
  • No R4 cards please, with or without the console
  • Fully loaded Kodi, Android and Amazon boxes
Unlocking software
That’s software to help you unlock any electronic item, like a phone.
Used underwear
Best to keep the following to yourself:
  • Briefs, knickers, thongs, boxer shorts, nappies and so on
Virtual items and products
  • E-tickets
  • Domain names
  • Online accounts
  • FIFA coins
  • E-books
  • Virtual merchandise
  • Any other digital products
It’s illegal to buy or sell votes in the UK.
Weapons and knives
  • Chef and kitchen knives
  • Crossbows and archery sets
  • Historical and ornamental weapons (like Samurai swords and bayonets)
It’s fine to sell knives as part of cutlery set, though.


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