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I bought something that wasn’t as described

I bought something that wasn’t as described

If you bought an item and it wasn’t what the seller said it would be, or the condition of it was poor, you may be able to get a replacement or your money back.

Read about your rights
The process may be easier if you bought the item from a registered trader or a business. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 outlines your rights as a consumer, and is a useful guideline if you want to try to get a replacement, repairs or a refund.
If the item was faulty, you can get the information you need on this Citizens Advice article.
Also look into making a claim using the Small Claims Court.

Can Gumtree help?
We can give you information about how best to proceed. If you do choose to move forward with your request, we’ll also help by providing you with a copy of the ad and other details you may need (like the title, description, photos and the date it was posted on). We won’t be able to give you people’s details though, as these are protected under the Data Protection Act.
You may also need info like postal addresses or payment details, which is something we don’t ask for or store.
We don’t get in between people buying and selling on the site, and because of this, we don’t get involved in buyer-seller disputes. As an online classifieds website, we allow people to meet and trade, but don’t get involved in the actual process of buying and selling.
How can I protect myself next time?
-  Ask for a trader’s details when dealing with them, like their name, business name and address. We don’t ask people to provide this information when registering on the site, so do make sure to ask.
-  Always meet in person and inspect the items. There is no better way to protect yourself against this sort of thing. You’re dealing with people you don’t know, so stay safe. Most people are honest and ready to help, but you could meet someone who tries to sell you something faulty, especially when buying online.
-  If you’re buying from a business, check people’s feedback online. If there is something suspicious about the business, you’re very likely to find people online talking about it. It also prepares you for what you could expect out of your experience with them.

-  When buying second hand items online, make sure to read about how to recognise a fake from the real thing. Then we suggest you meet up with the seller and inspect the items well before handing over the money.


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