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How do I contact people on the site?

How do I contact people on the site?

First things first - you need to be logged in to contact people on the site.

When you post an ad, you can choose if you want people to get in touch with you by email, phone or both. Same thing if it’s someone else’s ad – you can contact them using whatever contact details they put onto their ad.

If you choose phone
Your phone number, partly hidden, will show next to your ad. People interested in your ad just need to click ‘reveal’ to see the whole thing.
If you choose email
When someone likes what you’re selling, they can email you by clicking the reply button on your ad. Their message will go to your ‘Messages’ tab under ‘My Gumtree’. You’ll be able to reply to the person immediately, like you’re chatting to them. On the chat page you will see some information about the advert you’re talking to the person about, so you don’t get confused.
The messages will also go to the email address you enter when you post your ad. You can reply like any normal email if you want to use your email instead.
If you’re a private seller, we keep email addresses private – messages will come from a unique address that looks a bit like gobbledygook. If you’re a business seller, you’ll be able to see people’s actual email addresses.

Quick tip: Set up your primary contact email address in your ‘My Details’ tab. Receiving messages in your ‘Messages’ tab will depend on this. To check which email address is set up on your messages, you can click on the ‘Messages’ tab. The email address displayed on the top left is the one it’s set up on.
If you  can’t figure out how to set this up, click on the video below to see how.

Quick tip #2:  To make sure you get e-mails from us, add our address domains to your e-mail's 'Safe Senders' list. This means your e-mail will recognise us and not think we're spam. You'll need to add '' to get e-mails from our CS, Marketing or Sales departments, and '' to make sure you get e-mails from other people using the site (buyers or sellers).

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I'm not getting messages in Message Centre. Why?

If you have ads live on the site and you're getting emails in your inbox, but not in message centre, you probably haven't set your primary email address to match the email address on your ads.

When you update your Primary Email Address from your 'My Details', make sure you update the email address you listed on any ads you have live on the site. If the email address on your ads and the Primary Email Address don't match, you won't get any messages in your Message Centre.

To update your email address on an ad, go to 'Manage my Ads' and click 'Edit' on the ad you want to update (ideally, do this for all your live ads). Scroll down to the very bottom and click 'Update'.

Managing replies to your ad

Go to ‘Manage my Ads’ in the ‘My Gumtree’ drop-down and you’ll see how many people have emailed about your ad. If it shows more replies than you remember getting, the extras were spam – so we deleted them before they bothered you.

Can I delete a conversation?

Yes. Yes you can!

Can I stop someone from contacting me?
Yes and no.
Right now, it’s still being tested on the iPhone app, so if you’re using that, you may have noticed it. When you’re on the ‘messages’ tab, you can swipe left on any message you want to 'flag' as inappropriate. Click 'Report' to do this.
What does this do?
If you click on ‘Report’, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice. If you do confirm, you won’t be able to keep chatting to the other person. The action blocks that conversation, and can’t be reversed.
In the meantime, the conversation goes to someone in our team to be reviewed.
Once you report a conversation, you’ll notice that there will be a permanent, little red flag next to it. You’ll still have access to the conversation, but you’ll find a message at the bottom saying that ‘This conversation has been reported to Customer Support. It is now closed.’
Top Tip: Keep in mind that this action blocks the conversation, not the user. If you have more than 1 ad live on the site, and the other person contacts you from another ad, they can.
Is this available on all platforms?
No, not yet. Right now it’s being tested on the iPhone app, but we’ll be making it available on all apps, and on the desktop site soon.
If you block a conversation on the app, you won’t see signs of it being blocked on the desktop site, but it is still blocked.

Emailing extras
It’s fine to attach extra info to your emails. Just try to:
  • keep attachments under 8mb
  • send pictures as bitmap, jpeg or gif files
  • send documents as doc, docx, txt, pdf or rtf files.
The seller hasn’t got it touch
This might have happened because:
  • they’ve sold their things but haven’t taken down their ads
  • they’re still going through all their replies
  • their reply went into your spam/junk (always check there). 

No-one’s buying
If you’ve posted an ad and haven’t heard from anyone:
  • check it’s definitely live and in the right category
  • make sure you’ve added the right contact details
  • make it stand out with a new description or more images.

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