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How do I edit my ad?

How do I edit my ad?

To edit an ad that’s already live on the site, you’ll need to find the ad in the ‘Manage my ads’ page, and click on the ‘Edit’ button next to it. This will take you back to the ‘Post an ad’ page, where you’ll be able to change the details you need to change before reposting.
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Why would I need to edit my ad?
You can edit your ad if you want to change info you’ve put in the description, if you need to put a better title, upload more recent photos, or make changes to the price.
You may also need to change your contact details. If you want people to contact you on a different email address or phone number, for example.
If you want to buy features for your ad, you can also do so by editing your ad.
You may have to edit your ad if we ask you to change something. We sometimes find ads that break our posting rules a little bit. We’d put your ad in an edit status, and send you an email asking you to make some changes. If this happens, you will have to edit the ad before you can repost it.
I can’t edit some things on my ad. Why?
You won’t be able to edit your location or the category you posted your ad in. The reason you can’t is because when an ad is in edit, it will be paused on the site. So it’s taken off the listings but when you repost it, it will go back to exactly where it was before it was taken off. So the location and category can’t be changed.
Same thing if you’ve already got a feature running. Let’s say you bought the 7 Day Feature, and you change your mind and want the Homepage Spotlight instead. You won’t be able to swap or change the feature you’ve already got. It’s already paid for and we won’t be able to refund you to change the feature.
Good to know: If you chose to use the URL Feature, you won’t be able to change the link you put onto the feature. So make sure you choose the website you want to use for the entire duration of the ad.
Am I losing time off my ad or features while it’s in edit?
Absolutely not. This is the reason why we ‘pause’ the ad. You won’t lose any time off of the lifespan of the ad OR the features you have on it. Even if the ad has been in edit for a day, you won’t lose any time at all.

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