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Rehoming a horse

Buying a horse is a massive commitment (literally). They need looking after every single day. But they’re too big to wander around your house, like a cat.
Rain, snow, ferocious wind. You’ll need to be outside, mucking out, washing down and spending time with your horse.
Our tips for selling a horse
  • Interview potential buyers to make sure they’re experienced horse-carers.
  • Put lots of photos in your ad and make it clear what the horse is suitable for. For example, if he or she isn’t keen on riding, say so.
  • Provide all the paperwork and a receipt. 
Our tips for finding a horse
  • If you’re new to all this, try loaning a horse first so you can see if you have what it takes to become an owner.
  • See before you buy. If you’re not an expert, take along someone who is.
  • Check the stature and health of the horse.
  • Make sure he or she comes with the right paperwork/ID documents
Are you sure a horse is right for you?

Horses are very expensive to keep – you might need to mortgage your house to give one the love it needs. The need vets and farriers (a smith who will shoe your horse), and should come with a passport, microchip and facts about temperament and abilities.

A lot of horses don’t get a second chance in life. So think about rehoming first.

World Horse Welfare


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