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How does Homepage Spotlight work?

How does Homepage Spotlight work?

This features places your ad on the Gumtree homepage. While the other features will make sure your ad stands out within the category you’re advertising in, the Homepage Spotlight will be visible to all users, even before they run a search.
The photo below is from the site's main page, with a mix of ads that are recommended to me, as well as some featured with the Homepage Spotlight. You'll see the featured ads have a tag on them that reads 'Spotlight'. So as a buyer I know that that seller has invested in the sale of their item.

User-added image

How do I buy this feature?
If you haven’t got an ad yet, start by creating one. You’ll see the option to buy the feature while you’re creating the ad. If you already have an ad, go to your ‘Manage my ads’ page and find the ad you want to feature. You can either click on ‘Promote’ and choose this feature, or ‘Edit’ your ad and choose the Homepage Spotlight feature from the edit page.
Why can’t I always see my ad on my homepage?
Since a lot of people use this feature to increase visibility, and because all of these ads are featured on the homepage, ads are displayed in rotation. This means that it may not be there the first time you load the homepage, but you’ll see it if you refresh. We want every ad to get equal exposure, and by rotating ads, all ads are visible to people at some point.
Good to know: This feature is active on your ad for seven days, and doesn’t add to the ad’s original lifespan.


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