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Holiday Rentals

Booking a holiday should be a fun and pleasant experience. Don't let it turn sour because of a bad experience renting out a place or caravan that's got scam written all over it. Here's some things to keep in mind:

-   Whether it's a flat or a caravan, or a house; always check other prices in that area. Be wary of cheaper options. It could ruin your holiday.

-   If the price is excessively low in peak holiday periods, ask why and check out the holiday park prices on the park’s dedicated website (if it's a caravan). When you rent a caravan direct from the owner you can expect the rental price to be lower but not by hundreds of pounds, unless there's something very wrong.

-   Ask questions to ensure you know what you are paying for. If there is anything you don’t understand query it with the owner. Reputable owners will be happy to answer any question you ask.

-   You can expect to pay anything between £50 and £100 deposit when you reserve the caravan. It’s unusual for a caravan owner to request more than that.

-   Before you book, always get the caravan owner’s contact details including their full name, telephone number and the name of the caravan site / park the rental is stationed at.

-   If you have any doubts as to whether the person you are dealing with ac tually owns the caravan ask for the caravan holiday park phone number and the pitch number so that you can verify that they have the right to rent the caravan to you.  If these details are not forthcoming, walk away.

-   If they give you a Facebook page or a website with further info, check that their name and location on Facebook or their website match the you're given? If not, then it's probably something dodgy, why use a different name?


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