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Are ads on Gumtree free?

Are ads on Gumtree free?

Most of them are. Businesses, agents, dealers and landlords do have to pay money to post. There are also some subcategories in Property, Jobs and Services where people have to pay to post an ad. Ads in the Services category are live for 60 days instead of 30, so you get double the exposure there.
If you’re a person selling your car, or re-homing your pet, or selling an item, or even if you’re trying to look for a place to stay, it’s all free.

So how much does it cost?
There’s no one price. It depends on which category you’re posting in and the location you’re posting from. Features will increase the ad’s price. To get an accurate price for the ad you want to post, click on the ‘Post an ad’ button – select the category and location, and choose if you want any features.
At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a quote.

Some exceptions
- The For Sale category is completely free to post in for private sellers, but we do get some business sellers selling beds and other house furniture. It makes sense for them to post in the home section in For Sale, so they’re able to post for a fee and they have to follow specific rules.
- Employers posting in Jobs have to pay for their ads. There are no charges in the Volunteering section.
- In Services, the Childcare section is free.
- A lot of people use Property, including agents, so the category is a mix of subcategories that are free or not. People looking to swap their home or to share their home, who are wanting a new home, and who advertise holiday homes can post for free. Except if you’re an agent – then it costs. Ads posted in the rest of the sections in the Property category need to be paid for.
- Selling a car is free for all private sellers in Motors. Someone private will usually have one car for sale, so we allow one car ad at a time to be posted for free. If you want to post a second car while the first is still live, you’ll need to pay £15 for the ad. Dealers need to pay to post ads.

- Posting a pet ad is free, however if you choose to feature your ad, it will cost money. Keep in mind that we don't offer refunds if your pet ad goes against one of our posting rules and we remove it. So make sure you know what the rules are in pets and stick to them. We're quite strict in this category, because we have the animal's best interest at heart.

Jargon busting: A landlord is someone who owns and lets properties for money. An agent is someone who lets properties on behalf of someone else.


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