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Finding a job safely

If you’re looking for jobs online, you’ll probably be sending more than one CV out. That’s when things can get a little confusing. You get employers emailing you back and asking you for more details, or to send them certain information.
Here’s a list of things to look out for when you’re replying. Not all of these will necessarily mean the employer is dodgy, but it’s good to keep an eye out.
-  If you get a reply back from an employer, it usually means they’re interested in your application. Before proceeding it may be a good idea to ask a few questions about the role you’ve applied for. Try to look for some information about the company or business as well. It never hurts to get some background info.
-  Make sure not to send sensitive details like bank account numbers, or personal ID before you’ve been accepted for the job. An honest employer will only ask for these after they’ve offered you the position and you’ve met with them in person.
-  Some people will ask you to send money before you’re accepted, to pay for CRB checks or uniforms. Don’t do it. When an honest employer runs a background check, they always pay.
-  You may be asked to sit in for a phone interview. Be careful when agreeing to this, as some people ask you to call them on a premium phone number (usually starting with 070 or 090). Ask for a business landline if they have one, or ask if the company can contact you instead.
-  Be careful if the employer asks you to transfer money from account to account. They may also tell you they’ll transfer money into your account and then ask you to transfer it into a third party account. These kinds of transactions can be dodgy and you’ll lose money.
-  ‘Work from home’ jobs always sound fantastic, but be careful if they’re not offered by well-known organisations.
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We work closely with SAFERjobs which is a non-profit Industry and Law Enforcement organisation that works to fight job scams. You’ll find loads of useful info on their website and can get great support if you have any more questions.

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