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Rules for retailers

Rules for retailers

Even though we designed this category for private sellers, businesses are welcome to use it, too. There’s just a £2 charge if you do (for the exception), plus you’ll need to say you’re a business on the ‘Post an ad’ page:

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Important note: If we spot you’re a business posting as a private seller, we’ll need to restrict access to your account. We'll send you emails if it was your first or second time posting.
What the law says
You need to put the following info about your company in the ad to meet EU laws:
  • Postal address
  • Company registration number
  • VAT number
For the best results, add these details at the bottom of your ad.

You're more than welcome to list other similar items you have for sale in this category, but always follow the same rules.
Where can I promote my stock?
You can post ads in single and double beds, wardrobes, shelving and storage, mattresses, sofas and sofa beds. All our other categories are for private sellers.
Did you know? You can post one ad per item. We’ll take down any duplicates.
Use your business email
When you're registering your business account, we need you to use your business email. This helps both us to know you're a real retailer, and people to trust that you are as well. Remember to add your business details, too. This is part of our posting rules in the For Sale category, so make sure you're aware of it, otherwise we'll need to remove the ads and ask you to re-post them.


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