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Rules in Property

Rules in Property


Apart from the usual rules we have on the site, there are quite a few more that are designed for the Property category. It’s a category dedicated to the sale or let of properties in the UK and abroad.
-  Try to be as accurate as possible. There are a lot of options to choose from when posting in Property, to cater to people buying and selling, renting or letting and sharing or swapping properties. Also, choose the correct number of rooms or beds available in your property to avoid confusing people looking at your ad.
Avoid discrimination in your ads. There are some mistakes we don’t always realise we’re doing, but it’s good to be aware. If you’re renting a room out and/or sharing your property, it’s always good to write about the people already living on the property.
-  Price the ad correctly. Make sure you are complying with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which states that fees to tenants must be displayed on ads.
-  The property must be available. If it’s not available yet or it has been taken, delete the ad. If it’s occupied at the moment but will be available soon, specify when it’s gonna be available.
-  Make sure you only post one property per ad. And one ad per property. Any duplicate ads will be deleted. If you have more than one property, post them in separate ads.
-  By law, before selling or letting a property, you need to apply for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This assesses the energy efficiency of your property.
- When posting an ad in Property, make sure you select whether you’re a private landlord or an agent.
-  If you’re an agent, remember that you should not charge customers to register or view property portfolio information. If you’re using Gumtree to promote your service whilst breaching laws around these charges, we will restrict your access to your account.

-  Don’t use premium rate contact numbers.
-  Keep the ad clean. No phone numbers or prices in the title. There are field in the ad for that info. If you're want to list a website don't put it in the description, use the URL Feature.
-  Put all the info you need to give people about the property into the ad description instead of directing them to other sites.
-  If you’re advertising property services, but not an actual property, use the Services category instead. There ads aren’t allowed in Property.

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Are you offering rentals in the UK?
All private landlords in England need to carry out ‘right to rent’ checks before renting out your property to check whether your new tenants have the right to live in the UK legally. The checks are quick and easy to do, plus you avoid risking penalties of up to £3000. There’s more information on GOV.UK and you can use the right to rent checking tool to guide you through the checks.

Are you offering rentals in Scotland?
If you’re advertising property for rent in Scotland, you’re legally required to provide your Landlord Registration Number in your ad.
Are you offering tourist accommodation in Northern Ireland?
It’s an offence under The Tourism (Northern Ireland) 1992 to offer or provide tourist accommodation in a property, unless a certificate under that Order is in force on your property. Contact the Northern Ireland Tourist Board or visit their website for more info.

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