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Rehoming fish

Rehoming fish requires more than water, a tank and a visit to the fairground
Fish are great pets.  Watching them is the new form of therapy.  Give it a go.  They do however require clean tanks, and its not a pretty job.
Also some fish may outgrow their bowl and we aren’t talking just about sharks, so there may be a bigger investment than you first thought.
Are you selling fish?
  1. If you are a business, please make sure you are licensed by the appropriate organisations
  2. Some fish are incompatible so whilst you are waiting for new owners keep these fish in separate tanks
Are you buying fish?
  1. Do some research on the species, how big do they grow, what other species can they share tanks with?
  2. Also be aware of the different water and tank equipment you will need for each species and make sure you have it at home before buying
  3. Don’t put fish straight into a new tank.  Buy the tank first, fill it, leave it a week, empty it and start again.  Then add the fish.
  4. Its not just sharks to be worried about, some fish fight and some eat each other, so compatibility needs to be even better than
Fishy Business
If you aren’t a fish enthusiast it is probably better to buy fish from a registered pet shop or fish shop.  They have experts working in these stores to guide you to make much better decisions. 

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