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Finding a home safely

This could easily be one of the biggest steps you’ll ever make, especially if you’re buying. On this page you’ll find some detailed advice that may help you find the home you’ve been looking for – without any disappointments.
-  Always ask to go and view the property in person, and take a friend with you just in case. Ask the owner or tenant questions. There may be things they won’t tell you at first, but you’ll get to know about if you ask.

-  Never pay money for deposits or holding fees before you view or even after the first viewing. Be sure you want the property first, and make sure you’ve seen the relevant paperwork.
-  If you’re dealing directly with a landlord, ask for proof of ownership. Again, ask a lot of questions. A genuine landlord will know the answers.
-  Keep in mind that agencies can’t ask you for money to either register with them or to view their list of available properties. If you’re asked for either of these, back away and let us know.
-  Be careful if you know the property or rent fee is cheap when compared to the property type and the area it’s in.
-  If the landlord is making it hard to meet in person or to let you view the property, we suggest you look at something else.
-  If you’re being put under pressure to complete a transaction, or are being asked to pay using online payment services, we suggest you don’t. Go to a bank or meet in person at the property. Make sure everything is in order before you hand over the money.

-  Consider renting only from landlords or agents that are members of a professional accreditation scheme (like ARLA or NLA).
-  If you find some people on the site who tell you that Gumtree is involved in the rental or transaction, this isn't correct. We never get involved.

For more information about this take a look at the safety advice offered by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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