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How do featured ads work?

How do featured ads work?

Featuring your ad means you can pay for it to appear at the top of our listings for 3, 7 or 14 days. Your ad will sit alongside another four featured ads. They’ll display on rotation so it’s fair for everyone.
If featuring your ad works for you, you can renew it.
Quick tip: The feature will not extend the time your ad is live for. It has an expiry date of its own.

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 Where can I see my featured ad?
Your ad will get the best exposure in the sub-category you posted it in. So if you posted it in ‘Apple Laptops’, it will be much more prominent there, than it would be in the 'Laptops' category, because you've been more specific.
It will also feature under ‘Computers and Software’, but here the pool of featured ads is bigger.
Quick tip: The better your photos and title, the more people will stop and look.
Your featured ad isn’t showing in the listings
There are a few reasons this can happen. Make sure:
  • the feature you bought hasn’t already expired
  • your ad is live (on a busy day, an ad can take up to four hours to go live)
  • you’ve refreshed the page a couple of times to rotate through the featured ads
  • we haven't set your ad status to 'Needs Edit'  – we need you to change a few small things. Check through your 'Active Ads'
If it’s none of these and you’re still having trouble finding it, contact us and we’ll help you look.


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