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Rehoming exotics

Exotic animals are, by nature, harder to handle than your everyday furry friends. They’re demanding creatures, often needing specific temperatures and food. Some grow and grow and grow, while others sting and bite. 
So make sure you know what you’re doing before you re-home.
If you’re searching for an exotic pet
  • Do your research and make sure you can be the owner your pet needs
  • You might need to create a very specific environment, possibly with UV lighting, before you bring your new friend home
  • Do you have enough space at home for a growing animal? Some exotics, especially snakes, become huge
  • Tortoises enjoy a long, long life. Think ahead. They'll need a place to call home long after you're gone.
Fan of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ but turn away when you see someone eating a grub? Some exotics love eating live insects and whole dead animals. If you’re squeamish, maybe these aren’t the right pets for you.
Are you selling an exotic animal?
Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • You know what your pet needs to be happy. So when someone shows an interest, please take the time, ask some questions and see if they know how to look after this particular animal.
  • Some exotic animals come with legal restrictions when you sell them.  Please make sure you have the paperwork you need.
A focus on tortoises

Buying or selling a tortoise comes with strict laws.
If we find you’re breaking these laws, we’ll share your information with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).
If you have a tortoise, you’ll know if it’s Annex A or not. If it is, we need you to add the Article 10 certificate number to your ad description.
Annex A species include Spur-tighed (Greek), Hermann’s, Marginated and   Radiated tortoises.
Annex B tortoises don’t need a CITES certificate but you might need to show you bought yours legally, if we ask you.
Annex B species include Horsfield, Leopard, Sulcata, Indian-star and Red-footed.
You can apply for an Article 10 certificate with Defra.
Can’t find the animal you’re after?
If we don’t have a category for the exotic animal you’re looking to re-home, it means we don’t allow it.
We work very closely with animal welfare organisations and believe some exotic animals need such special care they should only be re-homed by specialists.

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