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Rehoming a dog

Rehoming a dog

A dog will become a member of your family. They’re going to want to love you and be loved unconditionally. So think long and hard about your decision. Consider your vet bills, pet insurance, food, toys, dog sitter, dog walking.
They love home comforts, too. And routines. And toys – soft, chewy, ropey, and especially toys that contain treats. 
Do you have the time and money for a dog?

Our rules for selling a dog or puppy
Puppies start small and cute, but they soon grow up. Different breeds require different levels of care, food and lengths of walk. Also keep in mind: 
  • Puppies need to be at least eight weeks old before they leave their mother. Earlier than that isn't good for them. You’ll find socialisation problems and the dog may not develop properly.
  • Think about neutering and vaccinating an older dog or puppy.
  • Photograph your dog in their natural surroundings, with chewed toys and bones around them. Leave Mum and puppies together for photos.
  • If your dog misbehaves a lot, it’s better to try an animal welfare organisation than posting an ad online.
Our tips for finding a dog or puppy
  • Make sure you see those cute moments of puppies with their mum. It’ll soon be your turn to feed them, hug them and clean their ears.
  • If a puppy is under eight weeks or not with their mum, don’t buy.
  • Avoid buying puppies from outside the UK or holding a puppy passport. A puppy from Transylvania could become a werewolf... 

The best things about a rescue dog

Most rescue dogs come from loving homes. They’re house proud, loving and often willing to sit for a biscuit. That means less hard work for you. And more long walks and cuddles.
Know who you’re buying from

If you’re buying online, do your research and pick a breeder with a great reputation. Look for reviews. And check if they’re registered with the Kennel Club
If you’re buying from a home, visit before you commit. 

Dogs should come with paperwork
Make sure you get all the documents you need, like vet records. If the current owner doesn’t have anything, be suspicious.

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