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Display Advertising

What is ‘Display Advertising’?
It’s when you’re advertising something to a specific audience, but online. There’s loads of combinations to how you can do it, and a lot of places to put the ad in.
Where would I be able to advertise?
In all of Gumtree’s categories. Take a look at some stats we gathered about the audience you can expect in each category.
So, can I place an ad to reach a specific type of audience?
Absolutely. You’ll be able to target the people you want to see your ad by strategically placing your ad in the right places on the site.
Will the ads work anywhere?
Users will be able to see your brand ad on their PC or laptop, the mobile site, or on their Apps for iOS and Android. You’re covered on each front.
If you want to know more about this and talk to someone who can give you more info according to your needs, visit Gumtree for Business.

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