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Rules in Community

Rules in Community

Apart from the usual rules we have on the site, there’s a couple more that are designed for the Community category. Keep in mind that this category is meant to bring people together and offer a connection point for people who need something that isn’t necessarily material – like joining a football team or arranging language swap sessions with someone else.
-  We don’t allow commercial ads in this section. This includes promotions or ads offering a service.
-  Any courses offered that have to be paid for need to go in the Services category.
-  Ads offering currency exchange are not allowed on the site.
-  Don’t post ads asking for work. You can post those in Jobs > Work wanted.
-  Although it’s a place when people can connect, we don’t allow personal ads. We also don’t allow adult ads, nude modelling or nude life drawing ads.
Have a quick look through the category and it’s subcategories to check if there’s a good place to post your ad. If you can’t find one, look for similar ads on the site and check where they were posted. You can also get in touch with us if you feel there isn’t a category that suits you.


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