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Which category should I post in?

Which category should I post in?

Is the category I choose important?
It’s crucial. A lot of people search by category. Choosing the right one can get you more views and better responses to your ads. Also, once you post your ad, you can’t change its category. So do your best to get it right first time. The easiest way to find the category you need is by typing in what you're selling in the box that says 'Tell us what you are posting'. This will bring up the categories that are the best fit for you. If you want to look at the categories though, you still can. Just click on 'Or browse to find a category'.
Quick tip: Look for ads that are similar to yours. Then check the category they’re in. Go through more than one sub-category to look for the one you need.

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What we do if the ad’s in the wrong category
So you can give it a better home, we take the ad down and send you an email suggesting a category. If you keep posting in the wrong place and ignoring our emails, we’ll have to restrict your account.
How to use our categories
Stick to these items in these categories and you should find success:
For Sale
  • Private sales of everyday items. Not big quantities or stock.
  • Anything that you’re trying to give away. Also if you want to find something given away for free.
  • If you want to swap an item for another item.
  • We have a wanted section if you’re looking for an item to buy.
  • Cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks, caravans, and anything related to these, like parts.
  • Sales, rentals, flat shares, house swaps and homes abroad.
  • Employers and the roles they’re trying to fill. But not for ‘job needed’ ads.
  • People providing services, advertising their business or selling stock.
  • Sports and travel partners, bands, clubs, classes, carpool, events, skill swaps.
  • Anything you’ve lost or found. Except pets.

  • New homes for animals, plus pet accessories. Not for ‘pet wanted’ ads.
  • Lost or found a pet? Tell people here.


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