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Buying a service

Before negotiating a deal with a service provider, we suggest reading through these tips. It’s a small list of things to look out for, to avoid problems later on.
-  Always choose a service provider that’s been in the business for a while and can prove that there are qualified for the job you need done.
-  If you’re looking for an online service, try to meet the person who’s doing the work for you. Speak to them in person and agree payment and service delivery terms.
-  Don’t pay for a service before it’s done and you’re happy with it. If you agreed on what needs to be done at the beginning, you should be getting the results you asked for.
-  Ask if they are a registered business and if they have a registered business address. These will be useful if anything goes wrong.
Let’s talk about Visa services
There are a variety of Visa services, and if you’re looking for them, you’ll see there are quite a few offered on the site. We recommend that you get these services from professional immigration agents who are registered and regulated.
The UK Border Agency advises people not to deal with companies who claim they can get you a free UK Visa. The OISC has had many complaints about these types of companies, and recommends that people avoid them.


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