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Buying electronics

Everyone loves phones, tablets and cool new cameras. Just be careful when buying pre-owned electronics online because there are some risks involved. We’ve put together a couple of tips that may help you make the right choices when buying your next gadget.
-  We're talking about items that are usually available for pre-order. Never buy a device from someone while they're still waiting to receive it. To make things easier, remember that we don't allow items to be listed on the site before they're in-hand. So if someone's offering you an item that they pre-ordered but haven't received yet, let us know!

-  Meet the person and have a good look at the item. There are loads of fake phones and tablets out there. Don’t risk receiving something you didn’t want.
-  On that note, ask for a receipt or warranty. If the person bought the item from a shop, they should have this.
-  Rule of thumb; if the item’s price is too good to be true…
-  Test the device. There may be no physical damage on it, but it may be locked or hacked.
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I’m still talking to the seller online. What should I be careful of?
-  Ask to view the item. If you’re willing to meet the seller but they refuse, try someone else.
-  You may be asked to pay through unsafe payment services like Western Union, Ukash or MoneyGram. These types of money transfers can’t be reversed. If you use PayPal, make sure not to use PayPal Family & Friends, because this can’t be reversed either. If you're using, be aware that you won't get a refund using this, because it is similar to Family & Friends.
-  Be extra careful if the item you’re buying is hard to find in stores or has just launched. Dodgy sellers will always target these items.

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