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Buying a bike

When buying a bike you need to check both the condition of the bike, but also some background about it, just to make sure it’s not stolen.
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It rides well, but what else?
Check the body. Make sure the paintwork is original and that there are no dents on the bike. If you see any of that, ask about it. Also check the tyre condition is good, and that the wheels spin smoothly by spinning them while holding the bike slightly off the ground.
Make sure the brakes are tight and that the chain and gears change smoothly. If any part of the bike is a bit shaky or wobbly, ask to make sure the bike hasn’t had hard use. Check the forks connected to the front wheel are aligned with the rest of the body when the handlebars are facing forward.
How can I check it’s not stolen?
Ask the seller for the frame number or registration number. You can verify this on website like Bike Register. You normally find this number on bar underneath the seat, or the bottom bar connected to the rear wheel, close to the pedals. If you think this number was modified in any way, ask why.
If the seller is honest, they’ll be ok with providing photo ID or a signed receipt with their name and home address. Ask for this, as you may need it to get your bike insured later.
If you have any doubts that the bike you’re viewing is stolen, don’t buy it. Report it to the police and to us instead.
Here’s more info if you need it

We work closely with Law Enforcement and several cycling groups who all promote a common message, to make sure that your bike is 'marked' and secured safely.

Bike Register is the national cycle database and as well as being able to check that a bike you're buying isn't stolen, you can register your bicycle, report it as stolen, or check your area to see whether there's a high bike crime rate.

The British Transport Police offer guidance on how to secure your bike, as well as bike surgeries around the country. The metropolitan police host cycle marking events across London alongside Bike Register.

The London Cycle Campaign (LCC) also offer great advice on both locking your bike and security marking.

Check out the London Cycling Campaign or the British Transport Police for more information about getting your bike ‘marked’ and how to lock your bike safely when it’s parked somewhere.
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