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Rules in Services

Rules in Services

Apart from the usual rules we have on the site, there’s a couple more that are designed for the Services category. Keep in mind that this category is for people offering a service, even if it’s a one off. So you’ll find a mix, from nannies to transport services to retailers advertising their stock.
-  People advertising massage services on the site need to adhere to a specific set of rules, to make sure this section is kept professional and clean.
  1. All massage ads posted in this section and other sections of the site are strictly non-refundable.
  2. Don’t discriminate – the service should be open to everyone.
  3. Photos must be professional, and not include people or body parts.
  4. Keep it clean. We don’t allow adult or sexual services. If you have qualifications, mention them.
  5. We don’t allow free massages, or massages offered in exchange of another massage or service.
  6. ‘Massage wanted’ ads aren’t allowed.
  7. We don’t allow Tantric, Nuru, Sensual, Body-to-Body or naturist massages. (list is not exclusive)
Adult services are strictly prohibited on the site. This includes adult photography, prostitution, stripping, escort services and any similar services.
Fertility services aren’t allowed.
-  As a result of guidance from the MHRA, Botox service ads aren’t allowed on the site. We also don’t allow the sale of prescription drugs.
-  Ads shouldn’t discriminate based on age, gender, religion, sexuality, race, etc.
-  Ads resulting in illegal or immoral activity aren’t allowed. This includes but isn’t limited to dissertation or essay writing services.
-  With this in mind, we don’t allow ‘jail-breaking’, flashing, chipping, and modifying of electronic devices.
-  Money related services like offering loans, requesting loans or money collection services aren’t allowed to be posted on Gumtree. We also don’t allow currency exchange services.
-  Ads offering financial services have to include a valid business email address and landline number.
Insurance companies aren’t allowed to advertise, because we have no way of verifying the FSAA status.
Keep in mind that we don’t allow job ads in this category. If you’re offering Training or Business Courses, these need to be posted in Jobs. You’ll also need to post in Jobs if you’re looking for a one-off service, like a plumbing job.
Take a quick look at the category and all its sub-categories to get a clearer idea of what you can post and where to post it. If you can’t find a section that fits your needs, let us know.


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