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What is a Bump Up?

What is a Bump Up?

It’s simply paying a little money to get your ad – regular or featured – back to the top of the listings.
When you post a new ad on Gumtree, you’ll see it's number one in our listings. But as time passes, it moves down the pecking order. Bumping up sends your ad back to the very top. 
Your ad needs to be live for a while before you can bump it up, but the second you do, your advert will move up the listings to the very top again. Once bumped up, your advert duration will be refreshed - so if you purchase a Bump Up on a 5 day old ad, you'll get the full 30 day duration again once the feature is purchased.
How to bump up
Go to ‘Manage my Ads’ and see if the ad you’d like to bump up is there. If it is, you can bump it up in two ways:
  • Click ‘Edit’ and choose ‘Bump Up’ from the list
  • Click ‘Promote’ on the ad menu and choose ‘Bump Up’ from the list 

How to pay
Once you’ve chosen to bump up and clicked ‘continue’, you’ll reach the payments page. Here you’ll see the price and ways to pay.
How often can I do it?
As often as you like. Whenever your ad drops down the listings, we suggest giving it a bump up.

My ad's been removed. Do I get refunded for the Bump Up I purchased?
As bumping up is almost instant, we can’t refund you. And if you’re bumping up a featured ad, we’ll extend how long it stays listed not featured.

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