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Are fake items allowed on Gumtree?

Are fake items allowed on Gumtree?

No they’re not. It's illegal to sell bootlegs, counterfeits, fakes, replicas, or unauthorised or pirated copies of any product. To comply with the law fully, we don't allow these items to be offered on the site. We suggest you report these items if you come across them.
If it’s not a fake, why is it so cheap?
The seller might set the price so low because he needs a quick sale. This could be because he needs the money, or doesn’t use the item anymore and wants to get rid of it.
It really is a personal choice. But with that in mind, it’s still wise to ask a couple of questions or ask for some paperwork (like the warranty or certificate), just to be sure.
Does Gumtree monitor these items?
No, we don’t. If we know, without a doubt, that the item is fake we’ll remove it. But we can’t always be completely sure, because we don’t view the item ourselves. It’s really the seller's duty to not resell fake goods, and the buyer’s duty to check the item before buying.
If it’s cheap, does it mean it’s a scam?
It may or may not be. Again, we can’t stress enough how important it is to meet a seller in person and check the item super-well before you pay for it. If you’ve bought an item thinking it’s an original, but it turned out being fake, there are a couple of things you can do. Same thing if you bought an item which was meant to work one way, but doesn’t.
If I’m buying online, how do I check if something’s real or fake?
First things first, check the paperwork. Always. A genuine item is usually bought from a shop and will come with warranty papers and/or a certificate of authenticity.

Not all items come with paperwork though, so it can get a little tricky sometimes, and some sellers are very naughty. We won't insult your intelligence - you know that there are replicas of almost any popular item that's hot on the market. The absolute best way to know for sure is to look up how to recognise a replica of what you're buying. If you're looking for a Rolex for your father, go online and look at replicas vs originals - then meet in person to look at the item to check.

Chances are that if you're buying pre-owned items, the price range is going to be lower than the retail price, so you're dealing with a grey area. This can get confusing, and we're always tempted by a good deal. Make sure you inspect the item to avoid disappointments.

Some behavior giveaways - the seller may try to rush you into the purchase, saying there are other buyers that also want the item. Don't fall for it. Take your time and make a calculated purchase.

If you ask for a better price on a high end item that's still expensive even though it's not new, and the seller goes ahead and takes a chunk off the price, be careful. Ask yourself if the item belonged to you, how much would you let it go for?

We've created a couple of quick 'How To' guides you can use to help you get an idea of what to look out for. You can find them on our Simple Guides page - there's some aimed at phones, handbags, vouchers and even how to spot fake cash!

Here’s an example of how to recognise a fake iPhone from a genuine one:
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