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Rehoming rabbits

Rehoming rabbits is a serious business
They are not cheap animals, they can be very temperamental and demanding, think Peggy from EastEnders.  They will live for over 10 years, so make sure you can commit to that length of relationship, but don’t worry they wont expect a diamond ring. 
Are you selling a rabbit?
  1. Think about neutering and vaccinating them before you advertise them. This makes it easier for a new owner to bond and prevent them being used for breeding.  We don’t want to be over-run.
  2. Make sure you ask potential owners lots of questions to see if they know how to look after your rabbit in the best way.  Interview them like you would do your child’s first date.
Are you searching for a rabbit?
  1. Check the rabbit to make sure they look healthy, ask the current owners questions about vaccinations and if the rabbit in neutered.
  2. Always see the rabbit before you agree to adopt it.  Is it real? Does it have big teeth?  You don’t want to rehome Bugs Bunny.
  3. If buying baby rabbits, AWE, make sure you see the parents to see if they are also in good health and happy.  An unhappy parent leads to unhappy children.
Only the lonely
Rabbits prefer company, don’t we all.  So you may want to think about getting more than one rabbit.  But avoid any rude behavior by getting them neutered.  The saying involving bunnies comes from somewhere.  Also neutering reduces risks associated with uterine infections as well as preventing aggression, territorial behavior and spraying.  Sounds a good plan to us.
Bright eyes
Rabbits are wild animals at heart so they prefer to have lots of space.  Investing in a really big run will make for a very happy bunny.  Obviously get them a really nice hutch.  We all need a comfortable home, even if we are small and furry, at the very least 6x2x2 feet in size.
We work really closely with RWAF.  They have loads of bunnies wanting homes can you help?  Also they know their stuff so check out their care advice.   Click on their logo to visit their page.  Oh and if you have extra cash; donate donate donate.

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