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What do my ad stats and statuses mean?

What do my ad stats and statuses mean?

They give you information about how your ad is doing.

You can see all the info on the ad itself when you look at it in 'Manage my ads'.
What stats are available?
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First, you'll be able to see how long it's been since you last posted the ad.

Dig further and click on the 'stats' button to get even more info about your ad's performance.
Appeared in search’ give you the number of times the ad showed up in the listings
Ad views’ is how many times someone clicked on the ad and looked at it
Replies’ is how many messages you’ve received about the ad
In ‘Times bumped up’ you’ll see how many Bump Ups you’ve bought for the ad
We update these stats at midnight every night. So please be patient if you don’t see changes during the day.
Here’s a quick guide just so you're absolutely clear:
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And what is an ad status?
They show you status of the ad on the site. They’re split into ‘Active ads’ and ‘Inactive ads’. Again, you can check all of these in your ‘Manage my ads’.
In ‘Active ads’ you’ll have your live ads. Ads we need you to edit will be in there too – just click on the edit button, change the things we told you about in our email, and make the ad live again.

You’ll also find ads that are ‘Processing’ and ‘Awaiting Screening’. These will be going through our filters before they go live on the site. It doesn’t usually take long, but when we're very busy it can take up to four hours.
‘Inactive ads’ stores all the ads you’ve had but don't need anymore. You’ll find ‘Expired’ ads, ads you had ‘Deleted’ from your ‘Manage my ads’ and ads which we ‘Removed’ from the site.
Here are some reasons we might put your ad in 'Edit' or 'Removed'. We'll also email you to explain.
Here’s another quick guide:
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