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Posting from the Android App

First things first, download our app from the Play Store and start it up. Then follow these simple steps.

1. Tap the ‘Post’ bottom on your screen.

User-added image

2. Click on section ‘1’ to fill in the title, upload photos and to select your location and the category you want to post in. Section ‘2’ to fill in the price and the description. Section ‘3’ to put in your contact details.

User-added image

3. This is what section '1' will look like.

User-added image

4. Here's section '2'.

User-added image

5. If you click on 'Preview' at the bottom of your screen, you'll get an overview of what you've filled in up to that point.

User-added image

When you’re done, click on ‘Post’ and your ad will go straight onto the listings! If we’re really busy, it may take up to four hours for the ad to go live, but only if we’re super busy!


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