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How do I spot fake bank notes?

How do I spot fake bank notes?

There are a couple of simple ways.
  1. Hold it up against the light to see its watermark
  2. Compare it to a note you know is real
Take a look at this video to learn more.

User-added image
If you’re meeting someone face to face and they’re paying you in cash, take your time. You’re completely within your rights to count your money. Twice if you need. Also, try your best to meet and count in a light place. It’s safer and easier.
Did you know? It’s a crime to keep or pass on notes you know are fake. If you do get stuck with one, take it to the police. They’ll give you a receipt and pass the fake note to the bank to analyse. You’ll get your money back from the police if the note is genuine.
Here’s what the Bank of England say about fake notes.


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